Your Path

Where do you find the Holy?

God not only flows through world religions — God is found outside of religion.

For those desiring to experience God through a sacred and personal connection and to discover God in all aspects of living, a path outside of religion may be the way of the spiritual sojourner.


A spiritual sojourner simply means one who longs for the deeply and intimate Divine connections. From that space of longing, the sojourner moves away from others forcing a spiritual belief on them. The sojourner begins to ask questions, such as: 


What does it mean to find God outside of church?

How do other people understand who God is?

How does God live in the everyday of each and every one of our lives?

From this space of inquiry and openness, the spiritual sojourner’s paradigm begins to shift as the Holy begins to be experienced in expansive ways — through new spiritual practices and sacred connections to like-minded souls on similar journeys.

This journey to discover a spiritual path may feel uncomfortable.


The spiritual sojourner senses that from this space of uncomfortableness, one’s soul will move closer to its sacred bond with the Holy — wherever the Holy is found.


There are no rules — there is no “one” path

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The spiritual path doesn’t require rules. Spirituality lives outside the boundaries of rules, dogma and theology. The spiritual sojourner understands this and looks past religious rhetoric that insists that God be defined by one’s religion’s perspective.


God is big enough to be shared.


Still have questions?


Good. This page isn’t intended to assure you that I have all the answers, because I don’t. But what I have is experience, because I’ve been on the spiritual sojourner path my entire life. From this space of willingness to share, I offer my hand to walk with you as, together, we explore how God can be found in, through and around us.


Come. Let us learn and grow together.