Are You Ready For Life-Changing Work Of The Soul?


Welcome, Beloved ...

One thing is certain about 2020: It's been unforgettable. And chaotic. And unsettling. Okay, that's a few things. It's left many of us feeling energetically drained and spiritually depleted. We are scattered, unsure and uncentered.


The good news is, we're in this together, friend.


Many of us are eager to close out the year, and we look to 2021 with hope for fresh beginnings, for renewal and restoration of normalcy.


And yet ...


There is a sacred portal here, inviting us to explore how we might approach 2021 differently. A way that honors the experiences of our past to better prepare us for our future.

A new year is a sacred gateway into creating opportunities, restoring hope and expanding our spirituality.


Millions just like you are desiring to strengthen their spiritual journey, but don’t know where to start.


This is where Holy in the Everyday can help you.

Not A Devotional ... It's A Holy Experience

Holy in the Everyday is a unique daily sacred course specifically created for the spiritual-but-not-religious — the spiritual sojourner — who is searching for God in the world, in our common humanity, in our love for one another. 

Now more than ever, people are moving away from organized religion, but still desire to enrich their lives through spirituality that connect them to the earth, their neighbors, and the mysteries of the Divine. Holy in the Everday has been developed with you in mind.

In this NEW, annual online course, Rev Karla will teach you how to engage in the type of deep soulwork that is at the core of living with intention, so that you can experience the spiritual and personal transformation and vitality you’ve long desired – and that you deserve.


We’re in a special moment in time, and we’re in it together. There’s possibly never been a more pressing call and more urgent need for us all to develop connection, compassion and a common determination to cultivate our best selves in the everyday.


The Spiritual Transformation & Vitality You Deserve

This course is designed for you to experience:

  • Powerful, spiritual transformation to help you live with intention, focus, confidence and inner fortitude.

  • Practices of self-care, self-love and self-discovery to enhance your vitality.

  • Humor, inspiration and wisdom to enrich your daily interactions.

  • Meaningful sacred practices to connect you with the Holy.

  • Increased compassion and tolerance to boost your peace and harmony.


"I am looking forward to the gut wrenching, clearing out of the dead things within me and making way for new holy-filled life!! Every day was challenging in a good way! I am sitting here still unpacking what you've written and already feel a noticeable difference within myself! A difference that is full of life, love, wisdom, joy and peace in the everyday. Thank you for making me see more!" ~ L. Wetzel


Here's How It Works

The Holy in the Everyday Course features:

  • Inspirational, monthly themes to guide your journey throughout the year.

  • Downloadable, interactive PDFs.

  • A special, original and impactful story by Rev Karla every day.

  • Journal prompts for deep reflection on the day’s story.

  • Daily prayers, meditations and contemplations.

  • Weekly emails from Rev Karla with a personal reflection regarding the week’s stories, plus a special message for insight and inspiration.


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From Me To You  ...

If you know me well by now, or if this is the first time our paths are crossing, here’s a little bit about me and my path to this place.

I’m Rev Karla, and I’m a spiritual teacher, writer and mentor. Over the past several years I have been blessed in helping thousands of people like you to understand the importance of showing up in this world with authenticity, passion and purpose by exploring, embracing and expanding your spiritual journey.


I navigated through Christianity my entire life before attending college and seminary and becoming an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister. Experiencing God through the lens of my Christian upbringing and understanding how God ebbs and flows through other world religions and beyond the confines of organized religion, led me to embrace the spiritual-but-not-religious spiritual path.

My calling is to carry kindness, compassion, tolerance and justice in everything I do, include online, where my teachings have been viewed by millions of people. Holy in the Everyday began as a spiritual nudge, a call to create an entire year of stories that reveals God in our everyday lives.


It’s not a book, nor a devotional. It is an experience — an invitation to come willingly to the table of spirituality to explore how God ebbs and flows in the world through our collective stories and shared history.


I am thrilled it’s finally here, and I cannot wait to share it with you and experience this transformative 2021 journey together.



"What a great concept! I love how different the information is each day and the memories that come up from the stories. It’s really great. What a creation!"

~ J. Owen


Your Commitment To You ...

Yes, Beloved. Committing to a daily spiritual practice for an entire year can be intimidating. Before you conclude this may be too much of a challenge for you, I invite you to consider a few things:

  • What compelled you to read to this point? Is there something missing in your spiritual life that may be enriched by the Holy in the Everyday Course?


  • Your time is precious. What would you otherwise be doing in the 10-20 minutes each day that you would be investing in the Holy in the Everyday Course? Not having a plan for how best to use your time will ensure only that you fall back into old habits and patterns that do not feed and strengthen your soul.


  • A daily commitment can be challenging for all of us! We all may have times when we’ll play catch up or read a day or two ahead. That’s okay. The Holy in the Everyday Course can be your ally, and you can implement it in the timeframe you most see fit.


"Rev Karla will take you on a journey of self-discovery and insight into your inner understanding of your place in these times. With daily readings to reflect and take action on, you will explore the very core of the nature of relating to yourself, your family, your friends and the world. Be prepared to unfold things about yourself you didn't know needed unfolding and find the Holy in everyday life." ~ D. Hackman