Holy in the Everyday

Introducing ...

Holy in the Everyday is a unique daily devotional specifically created for the spiritual-but-not-religious — the spiritual sojourner — who is searching for God in the world, in our common humanity, in our love for one another.

Now more than ever, people are moving away from organized religion yet still desire to enrich their lives through spirituality that connects them to the earth, their neighbors and the mysteries of the Divine.


The stories Rev Karla shares daily are:

  • Rooted in our common history

  • Inspired by the world’s religions and sacred texts

  • Found in the course of everyday living — where the Holy belongs.

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Holy in the Everyday invites the spiritual seeker to develop a contemplative practice around Rev Karla's stories. Daily journaling prompts invite exploration of how the Holy invites our souls to discover the sacredness of everyday living in a world filled with wonder, mystery and inspiration.