Meet Rev Karla

Hello, friend. I’m Karla. After spending time reading this, you’ll know more about my journey and who I am.


I have my wisdom teachers to thank for bringing me to this moment. 

It began in 8th grade history class. My teacher told me I was a good storyteller, and that I should consider writing. That insight stayed with me for many years, even though I would stifle my passion for writing in pursuit of life. 


Fast forward 40 years later, and I’m a 50-something returning to study world religion. My Religious Studies Professor encourages me to continue writing, and the words of my 8th grade history teacher come back to me, “You should write, Karla.” 

“Keep writing.” My seminary dean wrote this simple line in his final letter to me before I completed my studies and was ordained. 

Now in what some call “the third season of life,” that space where the soul’s calling moves us in creative ways, I’ve returned to my love for writing, and that is the gift of love and service I bring to you. 

Writing has been the sacred bridge to my soul and awakened my passion to find spiritual meaning in all aspects of living. 

Finding spiritual meaning in the everyday has been a lifelong journey for me. For years, my spiritual path was defined by my religious heritage. From a very early age, I moved toward Divine connections.


Thanks to a devout Southern Baptist grandmother who made sure I was in church on Sundays, Wednesdays and in attendance at all those wonderful tent revivals, I experienced God through the lens of Christianity and fell in love with Jesus. 

Over time, the container of one religion began to feel too small, and I sought to understand how God ebbs and flows in the world, not just through my religion’s description of God.


After five years of intense study and reflection to understand God through religions of the world I became an ordained minister and discovered how the Holy flows in a mystical and divine web to connect all of us. It was calling on me to be the vessel to carry kindness, compassion, tolerance and justice in everything I do.

Specifically, after studying Christianity at Indiana Wesleyan University, I studied world religions at Arizona State University before entering seminary at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City, where I was ordained in 2017.


And … I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, a sometimes crocheter, a gardener and an animal welfare advocate.

My daughter and I are co-founders of Numa Soul, a business featuring solutions that enhance the mind/body, home and spirit. We believe in balanced and mindful living through self-care, kindness and compassion. Our goal is to help individuals enhance these values by offering safe, natural and organic products that are hand-crafted and hand-selected.


I’ve been active in animal welfare for over 20 years and was recognized by PetSmart Charities for my volunteer work and founding spay/neuter clinic Pets Alive, which has performed over 150,000 spay/neuter surgeries. 

I invite you to join my journey of finding the Holy in everything you do.