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Rev Karla is the Founder

of Numa Soul Center for Spiritual Transformation.

Rev Karla founded Numa Soul to be a space for resources, teachings and a safe spiritual community. She and her team are committed to building a world based on our highest social and spiritual aspirations—one that is just, kind, equitable, radically compassionate and rooted in unconditional love.

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“Thanks for all you do. I grew up in a horrible Christian household & caused mental trauma to me. Thank you for being amazing & making a difference. 💜”

~ B.P

“Deconstruction is painful…questioning everything I’ve known…foundation fleeting…but you bring back solid ground.”

~ T.H.

“I wish that there was someone like you in my church growing up. Might have made life being religious and gay a little less rough.”

~ S.S.

“I don’t even know what to say…other than I think I needed you in my life. I felt so lost in my beliefs and along…thank you.”

~ H.Z

Join Rev Karla’s Spiritual Community

Join Rev Karla’s Spiritual Community

Here, you will find others who, just like you, are navigating spirituality outside of religion.

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Learn From Rev Karla

Learn From Rev Karla

Here, you will find inspiration and tools to help you heal from your religious trauma and step fully into who you are called to be–not who the world says you should be.

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