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Join me on this spiritual but not religious journey.

The Holy experience is available to us all 

no matter who you are, 

where you were born, 

who you love, 

what your spiritual beliefs are. 

There is space at the table of spirituality for each and every one of us. 

My mission is to help you on your sacred journey, heal from religious trauma, and release beliefs and false narratives that no longer serve your highest good.

I am Rev Karla and this is my ministry. 

You are enthusiastically welcomed, deeply seen and unconditionally loved.

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Spiritual Truth


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Numa Soul Center for

Spiritual Transformation

Discover Sacred Ways To Love Yourself

The blanket of love that is woven with all faiths, all religions make for a beautiful tapestry. Thank you for that inclusion. Your writings are refreshing and heartfelt! I look forward to this page everyday!

~ VM

Your gift of pulling the past into the present to shape a better tomorrow is so appreciated
~ DH

Rev Karla Interfaith Minister

You’ve helped me understand what is religious trauma and begin the journey to heal from it. Bless you.
~ KT


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